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Huck’s House

Dear Tom,

Soon after I up ‘n left St. Petersburg, Missouri, ah rafted myself all the way to St. Petersburg, Florida. Well not by myself. Jim had found me sleeping under a magnolia tree on the banks of the way, and said c’mon mister, they ain’t gonna catch me, nosir, no way. 

So we made our way out here together.

On the way Jim and me well we battled thieves and swindlers and eevil awwful men who would make of Jim a slave once more.

But we made it here and are sharing a place on Central Avenue and hung my sign on the door. It’s not the crest of a wave, it’s the back of a shark hanging out with a former slave. 

We’re ready for some more adventures. When you see sign you’ll know, knock 4 times and whisper low…

Huckleberry, c’mon pal, it’s time to go.