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Join the CLU

What's the CLU?

Creative Life Union (the CLU) is a group of like-minded folks who believe in the power of creativity, in the joy of living the creative life, and of being a supportive team in that belief. This website showcases the efforts of the CLU. Join in – show you’re one of us!

Jon BanJovi is a member!

Why Join?

CLU members get:

  • Special emails, newsletters, and publications down the line just for CLU members
  • The ability to share your creative work via special profiles on the CLU site (contact us for details)
  • To declare that they too are in the Creative Life Union! (Yay!)

What's In It For Me?

  • More content
  • More creative nourishment
  • Showcase your creative stuff in the CLU Member Spotlight
  • A place at the CLU table
Happy Pup

Union Dues

Please consider contributing to the union! Your (non-mandatory) contribution helps the CLU keep on keeping on.

Please click the Buy Now button to make a $10 contribution to the CLU. 

Giving Back

Hey, CLU members believe in creatively helping those in need.

How about clicking on one of the following click-to-give sites?

When you click any link in the site, it provides some payment to a worthy cause from ad sponsors. 

No cost to you, just the gift of a click, your attention, and your good will.

This is a real charity that works, and all ya gotta do is click.