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Everybody’s Gone Swurfin’

Check this out. It’s a swurfer. It’s a simple to install swing-like object you can hang from any sturdy branch. It’s got handles and aerodynamic design. You can sit and swing, but more importantly, you can use it standing like a surfboard. You’re basically surfing the air.


If everybody had a tree branch
across the USA

Then everybody’d be swurfin’
Like in this add today


You’d see ‘em holding those handles
And looping in the sky

A bamboo board below them
Swurfin’ USA 


You’d catch ‘em swurfin’ in their yard
(Outside, outside, swurf away)


Or from their porch’s beams
(outside, swurfin’ USA)


Or in that wooded nature
(Twistin, twirlin, fun today)




Jump off in a stream
(Kickin, laughing, fly away)


All over the garden
(Friends hang out and wanna stay)


And in the yard all day
(They swurf and swurf away)

Everybody’s gone swurfin’
Swurfin’ USA


We’ll all be tying up those ropes
You’ll have it up real soon

We’re climbing on our swurfboards
While cranking up the tunes

We’ll all be swurfin’ this summer
And every single day

Tell your buddies come swurfin’
Swurfin’ USA


Hang one up at your house
I’ll hang one up at mine

Take it on a road trip
We’ll swurf the county line

All over this country
And half a world a way

Long as you got a tree
For swurfin’ USA


Everybody’s gone swurfin’
Swurfin’ USA

Note: CLU is an affiliate of FatBrain Toys, and stands to enjoy some Union Dues if you buy it from this link. Plus it really looks like fun. Thanks.