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Buy Buy Buy

From the time we are young we are taught to buy. And it has been so since our grandparents days, and probably theirs too. Buy buy buy.

Whoever was reading Mystery Funnies back in 1938 learned that the whole world could hear their voice if they only bought the World Mike for a quarter. 

You could be the quickest to count your millions with a vest pocket adding machine. 

Learn to dance (over 100 illustrations!)

Choose from pocket radios, midget radios, crystal radios, magic radios, and even all wave world wide radios.

Throw your voice.

Pimp your bike.

Buy a wig.

Buy a marriage license for a dime, and a whoppee cushion for a quarter.

Endless entertainment. Endless power. Endless cool. Endless fun.

And all you gottta do is send some dough to  Johnson Smith & Co. department 221, Detroit, Mich.

All you gotta do is buy.

Buy buy buy.

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