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An Important Message From Outer Space

Hello Reader. I’ve come to tell you the crucial lesson I’ve learned in my intergalactic journey.

I have traveled far and wide, across galaxies and worlds.

In the guise of an image on a mural, I have observed your planet extensively.

I bring you a message of caution. Of disgust. And of hope.

Please forego your impatience. I will get to the point quickly.

It is clear you have no eagerness to wait for the message I bear.

Tune in at any wavelength that reaches you.

Take any path that concentrates your attention.

I know you like your screens.

Residents of this planet – you have the capacity for hate. For destruction. For seeing other as enemy. For spewing anger and crushing whatever is in your path.

But – Be stung by this!

You have the capacity for love. For wonder. For beauty.

You have the capacity of being at peace with each other and one with the world.

Your prophets said it simply and well.

Love is all you need.

So, reach out and let someone know. Spread the message. Tell it to another. Tell it to the world. Tell it to yourself.